jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Trinity College Exams

Javi Montilla and Yasmin Standen sit for their ISE1, or B1, Trinity College exams last Wednesday, 7th July with a successful result.

After a school year working autonomously in the English class and spending some extra breaks with their English teacher preparing the tests, these students have done wonderfully at their exams having the best qualification DISTINCTION. Among other tasks, they have carried out the difficult task of reporting some of the school events and publish them at our website. They have also had to plan, revise and check their work on their own, as the rest of the class was following a different schedule. It is quite surprising these days students this age can engage in something in such a mature way.


The heat and distance couldn't avoid what we were bound to do. We headed in the teacher's car towards Ies Carmen Pantión in Priego. Being the youngest among the examinees, we were able to get two of the best results in a group of 47 students. Congratulations Javi and Yasmin, I can say I'm really proud to have been your teacher.


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